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Shenzhen Yanzhengfeng Design Co.,Ltd

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Shenzhen Yanzhengfeng Design Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Yan zhengfeng design CO., LTD., founded by the famous interior designer Mr. Zhengfeng Yan in 2003,is committed to commercial space designs, and has completed a variety of very creative space design works.In the past decade,we have served over 100 great brands, helped them to create unique brand images and a whole set of enterprise SI designs, improved brand values and competitive marketplace for customers. We specializes in offering SI designs, store designs, showroom Designs, shopping mall designs, clubhouse designs, office Interior design, hotel design, restaurant designs,window designs, and so on. We offer enterprises the package solutions  in space designs. The company respects original designs and advocates the motto: “A unique style for A unique client”. Our works have been well recognized by the industry from the perspective of both arts and business.which is the driving forces to continuously push us forward.

Mr. Zhengfeng Yan was born in a family of Artists and studied under the world famous commercial space design master Peter Marino. Mr. Yan has been dedicated to commercial space art for 13 years. He won many awards for his distinctive and outstanding works, for example, Golden prize for his space designs in China Interior Design and Environmental Art Competition in 2009, and National First Place of The Third NEST AWARD. His styles of the works are rich and varied, and at the top of the industry. As a well-known international brand art consultants, he believes that “excellent works is not design for design, but a burst of inspiration and natural revelation of sensing life details, it's to express “people first”.

Shenzhen MBL display products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. The company is mainly engaged in space designs, store designs, exhibition designs, graphic designs; decoration engineering constructions, display product manufacturing, and packaging printing productions. It is a group specialized in commercial space and showcase designs and constructions, and installations and services of display facilities. The group adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, customer-oriented" for commercial space design and construction services, always built on brand strength, professionalism, and innovative ideas. The group offers one-stop personalized service packages for industrial productions, and on-site assembling, etc, so as to improve corporate brands, provide beautiful, safe and practical commercial display facilities, and let space art top the perfect ways for more added values of commercial space. The group has formed a strategic partnership with Prada, Tiffany, Dior, Gucci and many well-known international retail brands, and acts as their designated supplier for exhibition space, materials, and unified production management and distribution services.