Domestic and foreign showcase design style is different

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Some showcase leasing production company for personal interests and do some real damage to the real showcase company's image and brand of things, but always reflect the showcase industry style and technological progress.

It is understood that many large showcase design company designers are using the company's training opportunities to study abroad foreign excellent showcase style of work, combined with their own design features designed to meet the more domestic, more stylish, more avant-garde showcase. Nine round side in a period of time before the organization of a number of young showcase designer visited Italy, Austria and France and other countries of some high-end showcase design company, the trip abroad to the design of the harvest.

During the visit, the exhibition to show the design of the deepest impression or jewelry exhibition booth and showcase layout, they and the domestic showcase design style is very different. Understand the showcase people should know that the current domestic booth layout is more law-abiding, the layout of the props is relatively simple, the basic mass production on the market can be placed directly on those categories, few have their own unique design of the props The It is easy to let the designer into a dull situation, creative personality design and layout even more to say.

In contrast, from the perspective of foreign design and style of rental design, almost rarely see repetitive and similar design elements, not the same shopping malls and shopping centers, different places of the exhibition and booth layout, showing a different Design style, really have the characteristics of the different, ah! Many of them showcase with a unique creative style layout or creative props design, giving a different kind of intuitive feel. May be in the domestic showcase see more, this difference is that fresh.

In addition, the exhibition shows that a seemingly simple lumps on the rough paper material, with exquisite necklace or embossed process with the pendant, the form of material in the form of contrast, giving a striking visual effect. This is the success of the booth layout, economic costs are not high, pay attention to is the idea. The composition of the design props can be described as different styles, with the expression of the spirit of the times to use the "point" of the composition. The use of natural scatter composition, access to changing the visual effects.

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