How does the showcase become a props for attracting customers?

- Jun 08, 2017 -

At present, showcase rental industry competition is also very intense. With the development of science and technology, showcase industry has been produced not just a simple cabinet production. But a display of goods, to attract customers props.

Among them, the development of wood showcase is a very good way to reflect this progress.

Traditional wooden showcase: Shelf, layer format wooden showcase, drawer wooden showcase, cabinet-type shelves, U-shaped frame, cantilever, grille, saddle, cylinder steel frame, tires dedicated wooden showcase The This type of showcase is now in the large shopping malls has been relatively less (Note: some clothing, shoes and hats showcase still use this showcase, but the showcase design style has been very different from the previous, many more fashion elements in the inside)

New Showcase: Swivel Wooden Showcase, Mobile Wooden Showcase, Assembled Boutique Showcase, Adjustable Boutique Showcase, Pallet Boutique Showcase, Car Showcase Showcase, High Level Showcase, Loft Boutique Showcase, Gravity, Boutique Showcase Hanging boutique display cabinets and so on. This kind of showcase is more common, especially some newly opened stores, shopping malls and so on.

Showcase industry progress, from the side reflects the current consumers, to shopping malls shopping, is no longer simply buy things only. They are enjoying a kind of atmosphere, one in the shopping process to enjoy the goods, pleasant physical and mental, to remove the work left over from the tired. If the business can show more efforts in the showcase, in the goods on the show with a little mind to attract customers, I believe that the store's traffic will be increased or decreased, the corresponding turnover will be sesame seeds flowering high!

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