How much is the jewelry show in daily life?

- Jun 08, 2017 -

In the market we are the most common is the wooden jewelry showcase, wooden jewelry showcase why so popular it? Wood jewelry showcase production materials are generally divided into two kinds of sheet and solid wood, and in the production of showcase plate with density board, plywood, MDF, difficult flame retardant board. MDF structure is relatively close, easier to paint, but the moisture resistance is not very good, easy to burn, suitable for use in the north. The structure of the splint is not dense, the surface is rough, it is not easy to paint, it is already burning, but compared with the MDF its moisture resistance is better, suitable for use in the south. Difficult flame retardant board is the major development of the major shopping malls showcase materials, generally in the use of other materials will continue to be based on the flame retardant board, its advantage is encountered when the fire will not produce a greater flame, Only a large number of smoke, can greatly reduce the loss of items, delay the speed of fire spread, the disadvantage is more expensive, not easy to paint.

Stainless steel showcase is also a common showcase, but the production of stainless steel showcase will be more trouble, although its performance is better, there is a very good moisture, mildew, fire performance, but the cost of making stainless steel showcase is relatively high.

Different materials, jewelry showcase there are two basic we are common, of course, there are many, many materials can be used to make jewelry showcase, Shenzhen logo show cabinet factory can be based on customer requirements to produce all kinds of showcase 

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