How should the showcase be maintained?

- Jun 08, 2017 -

When cleaning and maintenance of the display cabinet, be sure to determine whether the wipes used are clean. When cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Do not be lazy and repeat the already dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeatedly in the face of commercial furniture friction, but will damage the light of the display cabinet surface.

Be sure to choose the care agent

Want to maintain the original brightness of the display cabinet, there are display cabinet care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent. The former mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire rubber and other materials display cabinets, and jasmine and lemon two different fresh fragrance. The latter applies to a variety of wooden, glass, synthetic wood or the United States and other solid wood display cabinets, especially for mixed materials display cabinets. Therefore, if you can use both clean, care effects of skin care products, will be able to save a lot of valuable time.

Care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent before use, it is best to shake it, and then straight grip spray cans, was 45 degrees angle, so that the liquid components in the tank can be completely under pressure without being released. After the dry wipes at a distance of about 15 cm place gently spray, so again to wipe the commercial furniture, will be able to play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, wipes after use, remember to wash and dry. As for the display material with cloth material, such as fabric sofa, leisure cushions, you can use clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When used, first with a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust, and then a small amount of carpet cleaner spray on the wet cloth can be wiped.

Be sure to remove the watermark on the paint

Put the wet cup of paint on the table often left a circle of annoying watermark, how can quickly remove them? You can shop a watermark on the shop a clean damp cloth, and then use the iron in the above with a lower temperature ironing, so that will allow the moisture into the film evaporate out, so that the watermark disappears. However, when using this method, the use of the rag can not be too thin, the temperature of the iron can not be transferred too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but that brand can no longer be removed.

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