The Development Trend of Exhibition Industry in China

- Jun 08, 2017 -

First, the WTO will lead the exhibition industry in China to develop faster

As well as China's economic radiation to the world economy, exhibition industry (including exhibition) development can not be separated from the market and industry two factors. China is the world's largest and most promising consumer market. Exhibition is to promote market development, domestic and foreign trade development of one of the most effective means. Chinese enterprises to open up overseas markets will be more to go abroad to participate in the exhibition; foreign companies want to enter, consolidate the Chinese market will be more to China to participate in the exhibition. Domestic and international two huge market and Chinese and foreign enterprises on the exhibition needs. Decided to showcase the development of China's exhibition industry (including exhibition) a bright future. Development trend of the exhibition will certainly drive the development of new licensing exhibition!

Second, China's accession to the WTO will intensify competition in the exhibition industry

Chinese and foreign exhibition organizers of the competition, after joining the WTO. Competition between exhibition organizers, competition between exhibition venues, competition among Chinese exhibition villages, and competition between Chinese exhibitions and the same exhibitions in neighboring countries and the rest of the world will intensify. Chinese and foreign exhibition industry (including exhibition) organizers have their own advantages and disadvantages, foreign exhibition industry (including exhibition) company's advantage is that it has a better marketing network, strong capital, high-quality talent, sound and effective organization And rich management experience; and the advantages of China's exhibition organizers is a wealth of domestic customer resources, familiar with the Chinese market situation, but also have a certain organization and service experience. Foreign companies to participate in the Chinese exhibition mainly aimed at the Chinese market, Chinese customers, and the Chinese organizers in the domestic market, domestic customers than foreign exhibition companies have more and greater advantages. At the same time, also has a cultural advantage, humanistic advantages. If I build an international marketing network, improve the level of organizational services, there is no need to worry about the entry of foreign exhibition companies. Of course, to see the lack of, to see the advantages of foreign exhibition companies, learn from each other to improve their competitiveness. The new brand exhibition rack is such a highly competitive exhibition industry in the station anxious!

Third, China's accession to the WTO will promote the integration of exhibition industry

The number of exhibitions in China will be gradually reduced, the current exhibition industry in China (including exhibition planes) have "more than three" exhibition number, the organizers, the industry repeated more exhibitions. This "three more" in a sense to reflect a "chaos" word. With the gradual adjustment of the order of the exhibition market, competition intensified. But the scale of the exhibition will be more and more; exhibition units will be less and less, but there are strength, influential, well-funded exhibition units will be more and more; repeated exhibitions gradually reduced, but the brand exhibition more and more.

China's exhibition industry (including exhibition) integration is imperative. Integration of the exhibition more professional, more trade, more brand, more market-oriented. This is also the new brand exhibition plant development brand exhibition goal. The

Fourth, China's accession to the WTO will promote the level of facilities faster

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