What are the advantages and disadvantages of the production board

- Jun 08, 2017 -

MDF smooth surface, fine material, stable performance, the edge of a solid, and the decorative surface of the board is the most commonly used display cabinet production plate.

MDF main advantages:

1, MDF is easy to finish processing. A variety of coatings, paint can be evenly coated on the MDF, is the preferred substrate for the effect of paint.

2, MDF is a beautiful decorative plate.

3, MDF various veneer, adhesive film, decorative panels, light metal sheet and other materials can be affixed to the MDF surface.

4, hard density board by punching, drilling, can also be made of sound absorption board, used in architectural decoration works.

5, excellent physical properties, material uniformity, there is no dehydration problem.

6, MDF nail force is good, in situ two times on the nail is nail force is relatively poor.

MDF main drawbacks:

1, the biggest drawback of MDF is not moisture, see the water on the swell. In the use of density skirting board, door panels, windowsill board should pay attention to six sides are painted, so that will not be deformed.

2, MDF with water expansion rate, deformation, long load-bearing deformation than the solid wood particle board large.

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