What is the difference between the display stand and the display cabinet?

- Jun 08, 2017 -

The basic functions of the display and display cabinets are used to show the product, and the special performance of the word difference will be very different.

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From the design concept, the display is based on the customer to display the characteristics of the product and developed a different structure, shape of the shelf. And the display cabinet is basically the same shape, but in the same structure of the display cabinet will be placed on different products. Display design concept is the first product after the exhibition, but the display cabinet design sequence is based on different showcase to display different products.

Display cabinets and more used to show some mobile jewelery, watches, jewelry and other commercial products. The display of the functional range is relatively wide, can be used to display some electronic products, can also be used to place the company's brochure.

Showcase the more common material is the glass showcase. The display of the material is more extensive, including glass display stand, ceramic display stand, and even paper display stand, titanium alloy factory price, stainless steel display stand and so on.

The role of the showcase is only the role of display or storage, only a few showcase can play to attract customers the purpose of the eye, and the purpose of the exhibition at the beginning of the design to determine it is not only used to display the product, The company's image of a publicity, and thus play the purpose of promoting sales.

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