What is the magical effect of the display cabinet in the mall?

- Jun 08, 2017 -

In our consumer shopping, no matter what brand or what type of products need to use Zhancao, then we have to say that different products need to show the difference between the display cabinet. The main function of the display cabinet is to show the goods, with the development of the present era people do not change the concept of beauty, showcase is also divided into many kinds of display different items of the display cabinet also has a lot of style design and material use , To use the most use of shopping malls showcase it!

First of all to say that we are common mobile phones, jewelry, watches and other products, display cabinets, are the need to place a relatively bright light, the use of transparent transparent glass material, the light can be displayed to the maximum beauty of the goods, And transparent material is intuitive feel the texture of the product, all the products are displayed in the first time to seize the consumer's eye, only to seize the consumer's eye to make their willing to pay for their money to buy The

We can use the jewelry showcase, for example, we have already said on the above, you need to use a relatively high transparency material to form the appearance, essential lighting can give the product extra points, people are visual animals only by the product To attract only willing to pay pay, display cabinet in the appearance of the function must meet the requirements. And anti-theft has become a lot of showcase the most important point, especially for jewelry, mobile phones such products are relatively high value, so now a lot of display cabinets have begun to increase the anti-theft function, some just on a simple Switch lock, and some directly placed inside the anti-theft device, which are with the increase in demand for business and improve.

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