Wooden paint showcase has become the mainstream shopping malls showcase

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Zhangui manufacturers can be customized according to the customer's request to showcase, so that, so that the wooden paint showcase needs more space, wooden paint showcase is the mainstream shopping malls showcase.

On the original display of the market, regardless of the price of Showcase, or Showcase quality, can say are not the same time, the same material, the surface looks like almost showcase, the price is very different. This is why not understand why customers often have such a difficult city. Really, the cause is also varied, such as the difference between the process, the material differences. Good wooden jewelry showcase, from the plate selection, the process of the request, each process is unusually cautious.

1. Selection of plates:

Selection of good quality plate is the first factor to ensure quality. First of all, to the sector related to the plate to stop the selection, for example, bookshelf and other load-bearing parts of the plate can choose fine core board. Secondly, the quality of the plate has to stop to master.

2. Selection of technology:

The difference between the plate, the need for different finishes. Such as beautiful wood and decorative panels, then you can apply varnish. And the texture of the solid wood board may not be decorated the general board surface, then you need to use mixed oil. Similarly, in turn, if you apply varnish, then you should pick the surface of the better solid wood or decorative panels. And you use mixed oil, then only need to use the general plate can be. The application of decorative panels and the practice of mixing oil, it can only be spoiled property.

3. Treatment of nail eye:

Nail eye treatment is harsh, it belongs to the field of painters. The vast majority of the original renovation of the application of re-processing sheet, the construction of the application of the nail and other processes are used, how to deal with these nail became a raised results. This requires a very cautious position on the color of the putty, just making the color after the color and the wood surface is fundamentally different, thus covering these defects. The same treatment is also applied to the tree section, the treatment of scar.

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