Store Design-2 Unexpected Commercial Space

- Jul 27, 2017 -

You have been must seen many of other fashion retail store design, and this week we are going to show you how to play around with Viu store and cellphone store!


1. Viu Store - Austria


Swiftly expanding in all directions, Viu’s newest outposthas emerged in Vienna. Obviously, not just anywhere in the city, but very fittingly in Neubau, a buzzing bohemian enclave in the Austrian capital. The store occupies a spacious corner location on Neubaugasse, a popular shopping zone lined with independent boutiques. It’s a spacious 300sqm. [3,229 sq.ft.]unit set over two floors, and is in fact a collab initiative with local concept store we bandits which occupies the upper floor with a matching range of goods. The Zurich-based eyewear brand is led by designers Christian Kägi and Fabrice Aeberhard, and the duo have once again plotted an interior design that on the one hand features all the signature elements, but also site-specificadaptations and furnishings.


2. Smartphone Pop-up Store - Germany





The Samsung pop-up store has been installed as atemporary store in February 2016 to support the Germany-wide launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. The shop is located on the Zeil in Frankfurt, one of the busiest shopping streets in Germany.


The main design element was the use of strong black and white contrasts in form of a tunnel-shaped installation that has a kind of“pull” effect on the customer and almost “ropes” him/her into the Store. In the middle of the tunnel there are aquariums that allow the customer to test the water resistance of the device.






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